"What an amazing staff & experience! They are truly wonderful! My smile looks incredible, healthy and it was absolutely PAIN FREE!!"

- Dana Tyler, SmileWorks Fan

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We treat you with dignity and respect: Every patient. Every time.

We use the highest quality, tested and advanced materials, equipment and supplies.

We keep up-to-date on what we can do to enhance your care and collaborate on what options might be best for you. It’s about guidance through choices and options because, in the end, it’s your oral health and it’s your smile.

We offer an array of options to ensure your comfort.

By comfortably combining treatments, we are able to save you time by minimizing visits.

Ask about our Quick-Fill List for expedited appointment scheduling.

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 …In-Network Pricing, Independent Dental Care, and Free Whitening For Life:

Your brightest, healthiest smile is just a call away.

Want to contact Dr. Clay?  Complete the form on the “Contact Us” page.  (Please note this contact form is password protected, but not encrypted.  Your safety and privacy are important, so if you would like the most secure way to contact us, give us a call, stop by, or simply let us know in the form that you would like us to email you a secure link.  We’d be glad to help!)

Oh the weather out there is frightful…

…but Dr. Clayyy…has a Jeep…that’s delightful!  If you have an appointment today & transportation is reasonable for you, come on in!  (There’s even hot chocolate and coffee!)  Also, if you have a dental emergency today, please give us a call 972-961-0800.  His receptionist is home snuggly & warm, though.  :)  So if there’s no answer, please feel free to try 214-601-8316 or 214-930-2220.

Stay safe out there!

Turkey up for Thanksgiving!

Good Eats Roast Turkey-by Dr. Clay’s wife

…  Thanksgiving brings fabulous memories in the kitchen, and some not so fabulous memories – but we can laugh about them now (mostly).  So as tribute to the virtue of gratefulness for all memories, please enjoy a family favorite Thanksgiving recipe – and a family favorite memory of the first time I made it.

As a fan of Alton Brown’s show waayyyy back in college,  I was super-duper excited about the year my mom asked me to make a turkey for the family Thanksgiving gathering.  Clay was a little less sure.  Since newlywed-hood, our kitchen had been decked out with a meat thermometer and a roasting pan.  But the funny part was, now we couldn’t fit the pan and the turkey in our eensy Houston apartment oven!  ha  Regardless, I was not about to give up the adventure and the privilege, so off to Grandma’s house in College Station we went .   On the morning of T-day Eve, I cooked up the brine, cooled it in several randomly-saved-and-cleaned-for-the-purpose glass containers, and later soaked the turkey overnight in a soup pot that was so large it had been given to me as a joke years before (perfect!).  The roasting part the next day was dreamy; I finally understood why the dad in “A Christmas Story” goes gaga over the turkey.  The perfume in the air was a crazy good combo of roasty toasty aromatic yumminess.  (Please pardon me if you’re vegan, but it was really really nice.)  And when it was done, what a beautiful centerpiece for the feast it was – and it tasted even better, moist & flavorful! Ta-daaa!!  If you don’t know just what I mean, you might want to try a new recipe this year, so here’s the link!

Good Eats Roasted Turkey ***+ videos***


(The only thing I do differently these days is use parchment-paper-lined foil for the “turkey triangle” — keeps the aluminum off the turkey.)  ;)


Eat free of the pain & make the most of your dental benefits

Time is fast approaching the crazy fun days of November and December.  Do you really want to face a Thanksgiving feast with a cracked or painful tooth?  Or all those yummy Christmas treats with tooth sensitivity?  Eat Free!!   And while we don’t want to rush you, time is running out to take advantage of your dental benefits for the year.  Be sure to make appointments for routine dental hygiene visits, tooth pain relief, or dental work you’ve been putting off. 

Between health savings, flexible spending accounts, and insurance benefits, SmileWorks offers an opportunity to take advantage of the few remaining months of 2013 and schedule your appointments now – use ‘em or lose ‘em!  Make the most of your dental plan and call Dr. Clay’s office today: 972-961-0800.  SmileWorks – The Smile That Works For You


makes Ben Hur look like an epic

Whether the emotional and social effects of a crooked smile bring someone calling, or the pain of a horrible toothache, Dr. Clay considers it his ministry to tend to the needs of his patients.  In fact, he does it with such grace and gentle skill, that even the most involved dentistry he performs makes Ben Hur look like an epic.   :)   Call today to find out how to resolve that nagging tooth issue before the rush of the holidaze!!

Two Million Dollars At Our Front Desk!!

The SmileWorks Team is rollin’ in Rockwall – and Rock n’ Roll Renay has a great deal to do with that! (Thank you, Renay for all you do to help make our patients’ experience at SmileWorks truly special!)  And she has a million dollar smile. So along with Erica’s, that makes two!

For many, however, it seems like a great smile might as well cost a million dollars.  But SmileWorks can help!  To find out more about maximizing your dental benefits, finding third-party financing, or implementing a payment plan, ask Renay!

Why? Well check out this diddy:

Whether through cosmetic dentist specialties like implants or veneers,
or preventative care to keep healthy for years, you’ll be on your way to that smile

you’ve dreamed all the while – and let SmileWorks remove all your fears!

(And, no, Renay didn’t write the preceeding rhyme; she’s way cooler than that. )

Celebrating Mindy!!

We are so pleased to have Mindy as part of the SmileWorks team — thank you, Lady, for sticking by us as we sorted out that…um…situation…with the Front Desk.  :)   Your energy, dedication, and genuine care for “every patient, every time” helps make it possible for that phrase to have meaning and not just be a platitude.  We are soooo excited about our future.  YAY FOR MINDY!!

Welcome, Erica!!

We were woebegone for a while…and then walked in ERICA!  Dr. Clay is glad to announce a new member has joined the SmileWorks team.  So far she has been nothing less than a bright beacon of wonderful, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Erica, we’re glad there is you!

“Smiling is my favorite!”

Smiling is our favorite, too, Buddy!

And at SmileWorks, we’re all about helping you and yours smile through it all. There’s no better way than remembering the Reason for the Season – Jesus born, Immanuel.  Merry Christmas!

SmileWorks *hearts* Rockwall FireWorks

Nothing says “Celebrate Independence” like blowing up a bunch of pretty stuff in the sky. Have you picked out your spot for the fireworks fun?

  • *June 29 – The Harbor FREEDOMFEST 2012, Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, 9:15 pm *
  • *June 29 – Royce City High School Football Stadium, 9:30 pm *
  • *July 3 – Addison Kaboom Town, Dusk (approx. 9:30 pm) *
  • *July 4 – Fireworks Show at Harry Myers Park, Rockwall, 9:30 pm *

 And if you see Dr. Clay and his family, be sure to stop & say, “Hi!”

 * Happy 4th of July Everyone! *

SmileWorks = Home of a Rockwall dentist who loves smiling patients!

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