Real Privilege

Living a life of privilege: going to dinner in a private jet, lazing alongside your pet lion…or giving your child a hug. In public. With his friends around. Yes, that’s more like Real Privilege in the Real World.

So what is Real Privilege? (And no, it’s not about a really “interesting” reality program from the 90s.)

Perhaps Real Privilege is what you wear. Whether it’s a designer business suit, or the privilege of wearing comfy jeans on casual Friday – a mist of fine fragrance on your neck, or the privilege of wearing sprinkles of your little one’s breakfast on your shoulder – what you wear *can* reveal privilege.

And there is nothing you wear more often than your smile.

Or maybe, Real Privilege is where you live. From apartments to houses, condos to duplexes, we live in a great country. Sea to shining sea, we are Americans – and there is Real Privilege in that.

Real Privilege involves enjoying freedom of all kinds: eating and drinking without pain or worry, smiling for pictures with ease, hands-free laughing…

Real Privilege might also be whom you know. Your smile is your personal greeting to the world – and one of the first things people notice about you. Does your smile show who you really are?

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Written by clayainley