Turkey up for Thanksgiving!

Good Eats Roast Turkey-by Dr. Clay’s wife

…  Thanksgiving brings fabulous memories in the kitchen, and some not so fabulous memories – but we can laugh about them now (mostly).  So as tribute to the virtue of gratefulness for all memories, please enjoy a family favorite Thanksgiving recipe – and a family favorite memory of the first time I made it.

As a fan of Alton Brown’s show waayyyy back in college,  I was super-duper excited about the year my mom asked me to make a turkey for the family Thanksgiving gathering.  Clay was a little less sure.  Since newlywed-hood, our kitchen had been decked out with a meat thermometer and a roasting pan.  But the funny part was, now we couldn’t fit the pan and the turkey in our eensy Houston apartment oven!  ha  Regardless, I was not about to give up the adventure and the privilege, so off to Grandma’s house in College Station we went .   On the morning of T-day Eve, I cooked up the brine, cooled it in several randomly-saved-and-cleaned-for-the-purpose glass containers, and later soaked the turkey overnight in a soup pot that was so large it had been given to me as a joke years before (perfect!).  The roasting part the next day was dreamy; I finally understood why the dad in “A Christmas Story” goes gaga over the turkey.  The perfume in the air was a crazy good combo of roasty toasty aromatic yumminess.  (Please pardon me if you’re vegan, but it was really really nice.)  And when it was done, what a beautiful centerpiece for the feast it was – and it tasted even better, moist & flavorful! Ta-daaa!!  If you don’t know just what I mean, you might want to try a new recipe this year, so here’s the link!

Good Eats Roasted Turkey ***+ videos***


(The only thing I do differently these days is use parchment-paper-lined foil for the “turkey triangle” — keeps the aluminum off the turkey.)  😉


Written by clayainley