• FireWorks Rock!

    By / June 30, 2015

    Join the Independence Day Festivities in Rockwall at Harry Myers Park! July 4th-proper is the date this year, and the fun starts at 5:00 p.m. Stay cool, & be sure to stop & say, “Howdy!” if you see Dr. Clay and his family!

  • Closed Today in Honor of Memorial Day

    By / May 26, 2014

    We wish to salute those who sacrificed their lives for our country, and pay respect to their friends and families. God Bless America [facebook]

  • Oh the weather out there is frightful…

    By / December 6, 2013

    …but Dr. Clayyy…has a Jeep…that’s delightful!  If you have an appointment today & transportation is reasonable for you, come on in!  (There’s even hot chocolate and coffee!)  Also, if you have a dental emergency today, please give us a call 972-961-0800.  His receptionist is home snuggly & warm, though.  🙂  So if there’s no answer,… Read more

  • Turkey up for Thanksgiving!

    By / November 19, 2013

    Good Eats Roast Turkey-by Dr. Clay’s wife …  Thanksgiving brings fabulous memories in the kitchen, and some not so fabulous memories – but we can laugh about them now (mostly).  So as tribute to the virtue of gratefulness for all memories, please enjoy a family favorite Thanksgiving recipe – and a family favorite memory of… Read more

  • Eat free of the pain & make the most of your dental benefits

    By / October 3, 2013

    Time is fast approaching the crazy fun days of November and December.  Do you really want to face a Thanksgiving feast with a cracked or painful tooth?  Or all those yummy Christmas treats with tooth sensitivity?  Eat Free!!   And while we don’t want to rush you, time is running out to take advantage of your dental benefits for… Read more

  • makes Ben Hur look like an epic

    By / October 2, 2013

    Whether the emotional and social effects of a crooked smile bring someone calling, or the pain of a horrible toothache, Dr. Clay considers it his ministry to tend to the needs of his patients.  In fact, he does it with such grace and gentle skill, that even the most involved dentistry he performs makes Ben Hur look… Read more

  • Two Million Dollars At Our Front Desk!!

    By / September 25, 2013

    The SmileWorks Team is rollin’ in Rockwall – and Rock n’ Roll Renay has a great deal to do with that! (Thank you, Renay for all you do to help make our patients’ experience at SmileWorks truly special!)  And she has a million dollar smile. So along with Erica’s, that makes two! For many, however,… Read more

  • Welcome, Erica!!

    By / June 19, 2013

    We were woebegone for a while…and then walked in ERICA!  Dr. Clay is glad to announce a new member has joined the SmileWorks team.  So far she has been nothing less than a bright beacon of wonderful, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Erica, we’re glad there is you!

  • “Smiling is my favorite!”

    By / December 3, 2012

    Smiling is our favorite, too, Buddy! And at SmileWorks, we’re all about helping you and yours smile through it all. There’s no better way than remembering the Reason for the Season – Jesus born, Immanuel.  Merry Christmas!

  • SmileWorks *hearts* Rockwall FireWorks

    By / June 24, 2012

    Nothing says “Celebrate Independence” like blowing up a bunch of pretty stuff in the sky. Have you picked out your spot for the fireworks fun? *June 29 – The Harbor FREEDOMFEST 2012, Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, 9:15 pm * *June 29 – Royce City High School Football Stadium, 9:30 pm * *July 3 – Addison… Read more

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